Hottest FinTwit

Finding the hottest person on FinTwit was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make.  I mean look, the choices were just so abundant.  I could either pick a fat white guy who is beginning to bald or a fat white guy who is bald.  I think you get my point, there were so many fish in this sea to pick from.

The choice came down to Mark Spiegel and Nassim Taleb.

Mark made the hot list given his complete obsession with Tesla.  I like a guy who gets manically obsessed – it’s the sign of a stage five clinger.  Plus who doesn’t like a stalker?

Taleb on the other hand is definitely over-controlled (hot) and knows how to dead-lift (thicc).  Plus could you just imagine the dude screaming at you for not understanding some math formula that no one cares about?  That is definitely a trait of a high breed mate.

But right before I was about to give up I stumbled upon Dan McMurtrie and made my decision.

Dan M
Screenshot The Compound YouTube

To be honest, the ugly yellow turtle neck did it for me.  You know this guy dresses himself, which means he probably doesn’t live with his mom (hot).  Plus this is the kind of dress style I like my man wearing – something so completely hideous he won’t get hit on by the opposite sex.

And the best thing is, you know this guy protects his margin of safety.  By the way he keeps his neck protected at all times, you can guarantee he’s focused solely on protecting the downside.