Market Top

The financial world was rocked not more than 3 minutes ago as anonymous numskull @LynAldenFanpage3 successfully tweeted that “we are totally at the market top”.

Within a millisecond after the announcement markets began to turn over and start the long march down, cementing @LynAldensFanpage3 in the pantheon of market timers.

In light of the entire Twitter verse collectively gasping at the aplomb of this pronouncement, it turned out we are in fact now beyond the peak of capital inflow into U.S. Equity markets for the foreseeable future.

With the financial Twitter verse still in shock the reporting team did manage to speak to one FinTwit trader about the momentous calling of the top. Approximately 4 minutes after the peak of all human endeavor was precisely called @TokenandtheAltboys had this to say.

“It was pretty surreal, and almost like Fanboy3 was on another level. I mean I was refreshing Yahoo Finance as fast as I could and put out a tweet 2 minutes earlier claiming the top for myself, but it was not to be. The guy was just on another level”.

Our reporters are cleaning out our lockers and heading on home as we slip into this post modern apocalyptic nightmare, all we can think is “God Dang.. that doofus did it… he called the top.”