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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Declares “I AM THE LAW” in first major address to nation

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen offered her first major address Wednesday as Secretary of the Treasury, touching on several initiatives but focusing heavily on her department’s intent to enforce a global minimum corporate tax rate. To aid this effort Yellen announced that she has been deputized under President Biden’s Executive Order 66, dubbed the “Judge Dredd Order,” to arrest, convict, sentence, and execute corporate leaders that fail to adhere to the proposed global tax law.

“The law never apologizes,” said Yellen in a tone far graver than her addresses as Fed Chair, “and to you corporate executives who think they can continue to evade taxes simply because you’re following the law, I say to you I AM THE LAW!”

Yellen’s attire also conveyed her distinct change in mission. Gone was her trademark pearl necklace and modest blazer, and in their place she sported black Kevlar body armor and a utility belt holstering dual sidearms. During the Q and A session, she held a machine gun which caused many press box to take a few steps back. Furthermore, a few frames of the video show what many believe to be a “Punisher” style tattoo on the left side of her neck.

The dramatic change suggests that Yellen, who was often labelled as “dovish” on monetary policy, will be anything but that as she takes up the helm as Treasury Secretary.

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