PRISON – Displaying a sudden demonstration of ingenuity, Trevor Milton along with business partner, Joe Exotic, launched an electrical soap bar that doesn’t drop in prison.

“This soap will revolutionize the way men in prison take showers,” Trevor stated over Instagram live from his cell in prison. “No longer will Joe Exotic or myself be subjected to the ‘dropped’ soap fallacy.”

Milton stated that in addition to the soap not dropping while showing, it will also be powered by electrical hydrogen.  Milton demonstrated how the hydrogen powered soap works by rolling the soap down a gradual hill.

“Yeah Trevor Milton is my new boyfriend,” Joe Exotic stated while petting Trevor’s hair.  “The instant I saw him I knew we were going to get married.”

Milton and Exotic named their electric soap company ‘TeslaNikola’ and plan to sell $90 billion in pre-orders to prison’s across the country.  There are reports that Mary Barra plans to take an 11% equity interest in the company should they meet delivery goals.

In other news, Carole Baskin is reported to have partnered with Hindenburg Research with plans to launch a short attack on TeslaNikola.  Leaked rumors state that the soap is actually not battery powered and is just Dove soap with a Duracell battery tapped to the back of it.

Wedbush upgraded their price target of TeslaNikola to infinity as they believe anything electric is worth “lots of money”.

Featured Image Created by Enron Chairman