Trevor Milton Microwave

Famed inventor and billionaire Trevor Milton unveiled his latest stroke of genius Friday: A cordless microwave. Milton demonstrated the product for a group of investors and fans inside a mall near Salt Lake City.

“As you can see, we have truly revolutionized how people will eat hot pockets,” Milton said. “Instead of having to plug in your new microwave when you first unbox it, you can just put it on the counter and get to the cooking! Imagine how much time you’ll save!”

When asked by a reporter about the power chord protruding from the back of the microwave, Trevor Milton loudly screamed about innovation and called the reporter a “jealous hater”.

Milton announced his new company would be taking $250 non-refundable deposits for his innovative microwave. “We can only do a few reservations, so please make them quickly,” Milton pleaded at the end of his demonstration.

Milton also added that the microwave is “probably” powered by hydrogen, even though he also said that R&D is “110% completed”.