Trump debate

Well, we’re back. Last time in Dazed and Confused, we learned that Joe Biden was nominated by President Trump to become the new SCOTUS to fill RBG’s seat. He was then confirmed by the Senate and happily accepted, not realizing that he can no longer be President with this new position. The Conservatives, rightfully so, believe they’re a shoe-in four more years in the White House.

And why wouldn’t they be?

The Dems didn’t even think to nominate a new Presidential candidate, and are running a ticket where the Oval Office would be vacant and Kamala Harris would take up space in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

But then, a funny thing happened. The debate.

Donny Debater showed up in Cleveland feeling like a million bucks, and he would know what that feels like because he’s #rich. But then, things went south fast, as questions started flying from the judges. RBG wasn’t one of those judges though, smh.

Trump talked himself into such a circle that he actually started debating himself. For example, when asked about the coronavirus, he first referred to it as the wu-flu. Then later he called it kung-flu-fighting. Sounds like a flip-flopper to me. He was sweating and yelling, and didn’t seem very calm at all.

Whereas the Dems candidate, aka the empty podium next to Trump, was cool, calm, and collective. Silent, but poised.

Now, on the morning after debate day, it’s been discovered that the Democratic ticket actually went up three points in the polls. Undecided voters liked the way the Donkey party’s silent microphone didn’t rush to speak, and even let time run out for response instead of trying to bullshit his way through an answer.

And as we all know, he who speaks first loses. Read that in a little book called ‘The Art of the Deal’.

More campaign coverage to come as we learn more.