Trump Dogecoin

Unable to leave the past behind and to stop trolling, former President Trump announced on President’s Day that he will be paying his impeachment legal fees with Dogecoin.

“Since my time was wasted on this useless impeachment I have decided to waste other people’s time by paying my impeachment fees in Dogecoin,” Trump said over a Parler livestream. “In addition, when I run for President in 2024 I plan to use a new slogan that will unite both sides of the political spectrum, Make America Doge Again.”

Dogecoin rocketed to record highs as investors realized an invisible currency with a cute dog on it has the same intrinsic value as the U.S. Dollar. “Dogecoin and the U.S. Dollar are basically the same thing,” Peter Schiff stated. “They both can be diluted into infinity by more printing or more coding. The only difference is one has a cute animal on it and the other has some ugly old white men on it.”