Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump told reporters Friday he will act as soon as Saturday to ban the CFA Institute from the United States.

The idea of banning the CFA Institute was floated while on Air Force One during a flight back from Florida to Washington.

“As far as the CFA Institute is concerned, we are banning them from the United States,” Trump said.

The CFA Institute ban will be conducted through an executive order

“I have the authority to ban the CFA Institution from the United States through an executive order,” Trump said.

The CFA Institute told reporters the Institution has helped create upstanding finance professionals across the field of high finance.

“We’ve created really dorky nerds who really know how to read a balance sheet and do other useless things that are not applicable in any real world situation.”

Trump’s comments come as it was reported Friday that Joe Biden was a former CFA member.  However, a spokesman for the Trump administration stated that talks on banning the CFA have been discussed at length prior to finding out Biden was a member.

In addition to the ban, every current CFA member must send in their certificate to the White House to be burned.

“All CFA members will be forced to mail in their CFA certificate so we can burn them,” Trump said at a press conference.  “Anyone who doesn’t mail in their certificate by September 1st will be issued an arrest warrant.”