Tucker Carlson Fed's

In yet another disastrous take, Tucker Carlson defended the Fed’s reckless monetary policy on the Tonight Show.  “Look,” Tucker said.  “This reckless monetary policy will enrich the one percent and destroy the poors.  This is exactly what we want on Wall Street.  I don’t know why there is any criticism against this.”

Defending the Fed’s reckless monetary policy comes on the heels of Tucker Carlson defending the Kenosha shooter.  Instead of ignoring the matter, Tucker took it upon himself to state his opinion and to enrich himself and his partners via “page views”.

When it didn’t look like Tucker’s reputation could sink any lower he made the bombshell statement supporting the Fed’s monetary policy.

“The poors don’t own assets and the rich do.  If we want to keep the poors poor it makes total sense to destroy the ‘almighty’ dollar.  Sure, hyperinflation will destroy the dollar.  But anyone who owns assets will benefit massively.  The Fed’s reckless monetary policy is good, not bad.”

No matter how atrocious Modern Monetary Theory seems, Tucker does have a point.  Asset values will continue to increase under the Fed’s current stated objective.  Any anyone who owns assets will continue to get rich.  As for the poors, well they will continue to stay poor.

In other news, Jerome Powell passed out on the money printing machine last night after too many stiff drinks.  The 2% targeted inflation has now increased to 200%.