Tucker Carlson Fed's

Tucker Carlson went on a rant regarding LeBron James live on his talk show late night Tuesday night, the controversy arises after LeBron James was ejected from a game against the Pistons after “accidentally” punching Pistons Center Isiah Stewart in the face, causing Stewart to want to fight LeBron.

Carlson said, “LeBron James has no class, for someone who called Rittenhouse a violent criminal, it seems to me the opposite is true. LeBron wants to bring back the NBA of the past, filled with violence, hip hop music, gold chains and thugs. The NBA has learned to move on from this, to a cleaner, whiter league. The likes of Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas would never be seen in the modern NBA. But LeBron has other ideas, perhaps we should be calling him LeThug.”