Venture Capitalist

Visibly exhausted from his 16 hour straight Clubhouse conversation on being a millionaire founder, Keith Rabois, 51, millionaire, reportedly passed out in front of viewers during his important speech titled, “I am a millionaire founder venture capitalist genius and this is why I’m right on every topic known to man.”

While passed out Rabois mumbled in his sleep, “I know more about being a founder millionaire CEO than probably any one person in the US. I serve on 16 boards and at least half of the companies hired me because I am a founder millionaire CEO.”

During Keith’s slumber one of the viewers on Clubhouse whispered how they were looking to invest in an obscure Nasdaq tech stock due to potential growth prospects. According to viewers, Keith immediately shot up and screamed how they were wrong and that he was the best Nasdaq tech stock investor than anyone one person in the US, probably.

Rabois then fired off a chain of tweets on how genius and smart he is while continuing his speech on Clubhouse.