Retail traders from WallStreetBets have decided to short dating app, Bumble, because they were unable to find partners and easy lays on the dating site. According to post on the Redditt group thread, a user with the moniker, Freakydick, called for another short squeeze on Bumble calling the app a fraud.

Another angry commenter who chose to remain anonymous on the thread said he had spent the last two hours hoping for a chick to make the first move, but his profile had not gotten any views.  Founded in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble requires to initiate the first conversation for heterosexual matches.

In expectation of easy matches which would lead to flings and one-night stands, retail traders trooped to the dating app to sign up. However, when their lustful desires were not realized, they decided that the stock had no fundamentals and had to be shorted.

However, Wall Street analysts have called on investors to be careful of the stock. Dan Ives, an analyst with JP Morgan warned investors against rushing to accept invitation from chicks, and called on them to perform in-person due diligence sessions to confirm the valuation of  potential dates on the app