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VP of Nikola Spends Sunday Night “DOXXING” Parody Accounts

The Vice President of a public company interacting with a parody account, what a world

Nikola Doxxing

Growing increasingly unhinged after getting slammed by FinTwit rising star, John W.B. Rich (Wealthy), Jason Roycht attempted to “DOX” parody accounts Eloise Williams and Jules Paxton.

Jason Roycht, the Vice President of Technology Development and Strategy at Nikola Motor Company, ended up in FinTwit’s spotlight after tweeting a picture of a pink Nikola truck in attempt to “raise” awareness for breast cancer.

“What do you think we should make a pink Nikola truck to raise AWARENESS to fight breast cancer?” – Jason Roycht

The irony of the tweet lies in the fact that Nikola has yet to produce any vehicle with many telling Jason, Nikola should consider making a single truck first.  And if you been around the block or two with public companies, any criticism leads to an instant block.

Then on Sunday night a strange development on FinTwit took place.  While many were getting ready for the busy earnings week ahead, Jason unblocked all of his “trolls” and began replying back.

“I was minding my own business when this Jason fellow started tweeting random stuff at me,” Twitter user Jules Paxton stated.

Jules, being the friendly person she is, invited Jason out to the bar for drinks and to mack on chicks.

“I’m a friendly person and this guy definitely looked like he needed a night out on the town,” said Jules Paxton.

But things turned south quickly.

“He started to DOX us,” Jules said.  “It came out of left field.”

Over the course of Sunday night, Jason sent over 20 obscure tweets to parody accounts Jules Paxton and Eloise Williams in an attempt to DOX them.

The ordeal was so strange one Twitter user stated, “the Vice President of a public company interacting with a parody account, what a world.”  Another account said, “after seeing this play out. I might have to reserve myself a Nikola with the proceeds from my calls.”

With Trevor Milton heading down to Turks and Caicos on a private jet, Nikola has left Jason Roycht to be in charge of the company which apparently included attempting to DOX old ladies and British soccer players.


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