Trump Supporter

Wall Street banks and other publicly listed companies have put a freeze on the profits made on stocks owned by supporters of Donald Trump. This move came amidst the growing corporate isolation that is engulfing the outgoing president. Major banks such as Deutsche Bank and Signature have ended their business with Trump.

Earlier, the PGA of America said it would no longer host its PGA Championship at Trump’s golf club in New Jersey. Online payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe also joined the fray and have halted payments to trump campaign groups and supporters.

The move which is said to be secretly backed by the Securities and Exchange commission has left investors supportive of trump scrambling to sell their shares in the futures markets. This move reportedly led to the slump in big tech as shares of Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google.

Wall Street banks and other major public traded companies compiled a list of trump investors from mug shots obtained from the Capitol police department. The frozen profits would be used to pay for repairs on damages done to the Capitol. There are also plans to to donate whatever is left over to Congress members as overtime payment and compensation for being held hostage in their chambers.