GME Infinity Squeeze

WallStreetBets user “knicksfan2888” went viral on the subreddit after a clip of him having a melt down on livestream was posted. Although the clip is over an hour long it contained a breakdown a lot of users found concerning.

The user was screaming into the microphone stating “the pussy ass paper handed losers are ruining it, GME is under priced at anything lower than $10,000” he said. “What’s not to love about this brick and mortar video game company? The fundamentals say everything just look at this chart of Volkswagens short squeeze 13 years ago” he added.

Many viewers in the stream encouraged him to just sell for a loss before he loses everything, but knicksfan2888 said “I have 2 million on GME with margin with a cost basis of $388 it has to go up.”