Buffett Chevron

Upon the release of Berkshire Hathaway’s quarterly 13F, climate change activists were shocked to learn that Buffett had taken such a large stake in Chevron, the 8th largest oil company in the world. Where Buffett goes, other investors tend to follow and this move seems to signal that our reliance on fossil fuels will not be curbed any time soon.

As news of the purchase spread, many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Using their petroleum product filled iPhones, these social media activists denounced Buffett’s decision to invest in fossil fuels. One man also claimed to have sold his 4 shares of $BRK.B. These people mean business.

But that’s not all. America’s foremost leading expert on climate change, Greta Thunberg, also had something to say. In a press release to CNN, Greta called for Buffett to divest immediately, claiming his investment alone would directly result in the extinction of 1 species of Arctic birds.

When asked for a comment on Greta’s opposition to the investment, Buffett replied, “Fuck that little hippy, get a job”