Hunter Biden Text Messages

We are past the “malarkey” phase folks.  Today The Gateway Pundit leaked five text message chains from Hunter Biden and certain family members.  We will not be publishing the text messages on The Stonk Market, but interested readers can find them here and here.

The text messages basically state that Hunter is sexually inappropriate with someone’s daughter, a minor and a deranged range of back and froths between certain family members.

There is a significant amount of the five text messages blurred out so it is hard to unravel what is actually the context.  In addition, The Gateway Pundit has been known to publish conspiracy theories that end up not being true.

To clear up the questions, it would be beneficial if The Gateway Pundit released their information on where they obtained these “exclusive” text messages and provide more context on each message.

However, if any portion of these text messages are true, this could be the bombshell Lude Media was referring to just two days ago:

“There will more and more than 10000 pictures coming,” Lude wrote on the social network. “There will be more and more videos coming!”

Or this might not even be the bombshell.  There might be something more deranged and worse than these Hunter Biden text messages, that Lude Media waiting for the right time to leak.  If that is the case, then we are way past the “malarkey” phase folks.

As all curious eyes have seen, with no help from the social media giants covering the scandal up, the images and videos leaked so far show a deranged man who was oddly satisfied filming himself in inappropriate situations.  If I was a betting man, the bombshell isn’t out yet.