A well-known and thoughtful marijuana investor admitted in his quarterly letter that he tried every single strain of weed for due diligence. We won’t name the managers name out of sake for his privacy.

Source: Stoner Brah

Well-known weed investor said he traveled all over Canada and every US state that has legalized weed – smoking every strain he could get his hands on. “Man,” the weed investor said (emphasizing the man). “I have smoked so much weed brah. I feel like I know the entire weed market now like the back of my…. wait what was I saying?”

The well-know weed investor pulled out a bong the size of King Kong’s fingers and ripped a fat bowl during our meeting. He asked if I wanted a hit of this new strain called “Green Fuck Spin”. I gladly took a big rip and proceeded speaking with him.

“You know man,” the weed investor went. “I have smoked so much weed I could probably have bought a mansion with the amount of bud I have smoked. Even worse brah, when I get high, I get the munchies for Taco Bell then get wicked Taco Bell shits afterwards.”

The meeting continued like this. Every few minutes the well-know weed investor continued to pull out new paraphernalia and different strains. We got so high. So high man. Before I knew it, I was riding shot gun with him in his Porsche heading to Taco Bell.

“Yo man help me hit this bong,” the well-know weed investor said as we were driving 80 mph down the highway. I proceeded to hold the bong for him and light the bowl as the weed investor steered with his knees and I looked out for any cops on the road.

“Bro, I will tell you what,” the weed investor said has he exhaled a humongous rip from the bong. “I have put 100% of my client’s money into weed stocks. Don’t tell anyone that though. My clients would be pissed off if they found out.” Later at Taco Bell I found out that his clients were all elderly retirees who invest with him for dividend income.

At Taco Bell we ordered $1,436 dollars’ worth of food. A homeless man asked if he could have any of the excess we didn’t eat and the weed investor just laughed in his face.  For those wondering, we at all the food. I must have spent at least 4.52 hours on the toilet that afternoon.

The weed investors favorite pot stocks right now are WEED, Inc. (BUDZ), General Cannabis Corp. (CANN), Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (CBDS) and Cannabix Technologies, Inc. (BLOZF).



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