Wendy's sudan, John W.B. Rich
Source: johnwbrich.com

After reports of John W.B. Rich (Wealthy) fleeing the country to seek refuge in Karthoum, Sudan, stocks of world-renowned restaurant, Wendy’s, has tanked at the end of the trading session on Friday.

Investors feared that earnings would drop significantly after their most loyal customer no longer visits the fast-food chain seven times a day to order their most disgusting meal: The Baconator.

John W.B. Rich (Very Wealthy) was last seen driving his Nikola hydrogen-powered forklift off the parking lot of Wendy’s at his local neighborhood while furiously screaming towards a group of poors (dumbs) who were begging for his money.

Since then, rumors have emerged that he is setting up a pyramid scheme in Sudan, promising local civilians a 20% return on their investment in what John calls ‘The Nikola of South-Sudan’. Only thing is: There is no water in Sudan to power their hydrogen-fueled crap-mobiles.

The only question remaining is this: Will John W.B. Rich (Extremely Wealthy) ever return to his natural habitat to make Wendy’s Great Again?