Cancer Cop

Miami – After months of battling brain cancer, Mikey Peters, 10, got his wish granted by the “Make A Wish Foundation”.

“Mikey always wanted to be a cop when he grew up,” Susan Peters, Mikey’s mother stated. “So when he became an honorary cop he was ecstatic.”

After donning his badge and uniform, Mikey strolled up and down the halls of the hospital playing cop.

“He was so cute,” a Nurse Katie stated. “He helped me cross the hallway so I wouldn’t get ran over by any traffic. It was absolutely beautiful.”

But when Mikey saw a black kid with cancer all hell broke loose.

“He dropped kicked a young black kid in the chest and started choking him out,” an eye witness stated. “It was the craziest thing I ever saw.”

According to authorities it took five grown men to pull Mikey off the poor young black kid with cancer. “His hands were like steel around his neck.”

When asked why he did it Mikey stated, “I was just playing cops. I thought that is what you were supposed to do.”

Mikey was sent back to his hospital room with cake and ice cream while the young black kid was hauled away by police for disturbing the peace.