Simple Jack

Simple Jack is the most curious FinTwit profiles in existence.  The profile is not only one of the most hard hitting and controversial profiles out there, but also has some of the weirdest conspiracy theories associated with it.

Did you know Simple Jack was featured on the Alex Jones show?  And did you know Simple Jack has supposedly been seen at every mass disaster for the past 10 years?   Simple Jack is one of the most curious Twitter profiles out there.  Here are the top crazy conspiracy theories involving Simple Jack.

  • Jack is one of the few who escaped from Chris Hansen’s how to catch a predator.
  • He’s a rumored serial killer and follows in the footsteps of Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • He’s Jim Cramer’s burner account.
  • He worked for the Morning Brew but got fired because he would take newsletter emails and sell it to spammers.
  • Jack is a portfolio manager on
  • Jack is a feminist woman who wants to make the world a more equal place.
  • Jack likes men.  Like really likes men.
  • Jack works at a jiffy lube for minimum wage.
  • Simple Jack invented the “glory hole” in his debut film, “Mustache Ridin’ Man”
  • Alex Jones accused Simple Jack for being all mass disasters for the past 75 years including, the Kennedy Shooting, Sandy Hook, 9/11, Hiroshima and Enron’s IPO.
  • Albert Fish and Jack were best friends.  Jack was even there when Albert was sentenced to death by electric chair.
  • It is rumored that Jack is the leader of the Proud Boys and also BLM.
  • When Hitler was in prison Jack helped him write Mien Kampf.
  • Some think Jack is actually George Soros.