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Winklevoss Twins Prove That Harvard Really Is A Big Waste Of Money

Winklevoss Gold

MANHATTAN – Tweeting yesterday that the supply of gold is infinite, the Winklevoss twins proved that Harvard really is a big waste of money.

The supply of gold is infinite in our galaxy, the supply of Bitcoin will always be fixed. Long-term, there will be no comparison between these assets. Gold will be to bitcoin in the future like sand is to gold today.” – Tyler Winklevoss

After the incredible tweet, which many believed was done by a hacker, the price of bitcoin crashed as investors realized how delusional bitcoin speculators really are.

But what’s worse, investors are beginning to question; is Harvard a ripoff?

“This is what a million dollars of education expense at private schools and Harvard gets you,” BRV, local EFT hero stated.

Another skeptic commented on the viability of using a power drill in space.  And another plainly stated, “this tweet gave me brain cancer.”

Harvard has taken an incredible amount of heat from the PPP Loan and online classes this year.  But to make matters worse, rumors are Goldman Sachs has already created a security that allows investors to short Harvard.

“This is the easiest trade ever,” Megan Williams, hedge fund manager stated.  “I’m going long community colleges and shorting Harvard.  I haven’t see a pair trade set up like this in a decade.”

To protect their interests, Harvard has stated they plan to renege all diplomas from the Winklevoss Twins and burn them.