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Woman arrested for breastfeeding in public


Alabama – A local Alabama mother was arrested this afternoon for breast feeding in public. She is being held in a local Alabama jail for exposing herself in public.

Source: The Smoking Gun

A local Alabama mother’s life changed this Monday afternoon after being arrested for exposing herself in public. And she wasn’t blatantly exposing herself either – she was breastfeeding.

The Alabama mother told police officers that her baby was hungry, and she forgot his bottle at home. She didn’t think it was illegal to breast feed in a local park so she started breast feeding on a picnic table under a tree.

“I wasn’t even like in a big group of people,” the Alabama mother stated. “I went under a tree and started breast feeding my newborn. I wasn’t even by people.”

Before the Alabama mother knew it, cops surrounded her and hauled her into the back of a cop car.

The police stated the Alabama mother was breast feeding in a park owned by a local church. The church has strict rules and believes breast feeding in public is comparable to hedonism and sodomy.

“It was sad putting the Alabama mother in the back of my ranger,” a police officer stated.

The Alabama mother is in the local jail facing up to 1 year in prison for nudity and exposing herself in public.