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Zuckerberg’s Life Upside Down: From Billionaire to Baby


Mark Zuckerberg. Once the greatest man on the internet. He could find out anything he wanted about you, then he would sell it to companies, at the highest bid. But since the recent drop in his companies stock price he has become one of the most laughed at men.

When the stock initially dropped Zuck stated that he wasn’t too worried about the situation. Even of his fortune dwindling down to nothing he stated “at least I still have my family”. That was all about to change.

Zuck was seen crying early this morning on a FB live stream saying “my wife left me. She told me that she didn’t marry me because I have the looks of a robot and only married me for my money”. He was the stood up and crapped his pants. Viewers were disgusted and appalled voguing to never go on Facebook again. Later that day Zuck was in the street covered in his own excrement’s, shouting about how he was going to leak everybody’s personal information if they don’t overvalue his company again.