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Federal Reserve IPOs

Federal Reserve IPOs at $7 Trillion Valuation on the Nasdaq, Ticker BRR

The Federal Reserve (BRR) has finally let the cat out of the bag and done...

Major League Eating Scout: San Fran Giants Sandoval Is 5 Tool Prospect

SAN FRANCISCO - An unflattering photo of San Francisco Giant Pablo Sandoval that has gone...

Fed begins purchasing Pokémon cards to provide liquidity to homeless millennials

WASHINGTON – Emphasizing the importance of taking concrete steps to address the wealth inequality in...
Harvard Online Classes

Harvard Steals University of Phoenix’s Business Model

The battle cry of the Phoenix is under threat. Millions of students that call the...
Redskins name change

Defiant Redskins Owner Dan Snyder: ‘We’re Changing Our Name To The Washington Savages’

WASHINGTON DC - In a brash move by NFL owner Dan Snyder, the Washington Redskins...


Portnoy natural gas

Portnoy Shorts Natural Gas Futures To Spite Buffett

After seeing the news that Buffett, Oracle of Nursing Homes, purchased Dominion Energy’s natural gas storage for $10 Billion, day trading legend Dave Portnoy...
Dave Portnoy Warren Buffett

Dave Portnoy Destroys Oil Barons with 🚀 Astronomic 🚀 First Well

In a move only accomplishable by the most winning winner of the winners, Dave Portnoy goes YOLO on a South Texas Oil Well and...

Engineers and Declining Fertility: The Obvious Connection

We live in a world of endless corporate growth. Where every CEO strives for the Sisyphean task of ever-increasing profits and stock value. Unless...
chesapeake energy poison pill

Chesapeake’s Poison Pill doesn’t go quite as planned

Several weeks ago, The Stonk Market revealed that the Chesapeake Energy decision to implement a poison pill was largely a gesture to help Robinhood...
protest low prices, robbery, oil

Oil & Gas Operators Protest Low Prices, Loot Employee Homes

The anger had been bubbling beneath the surface after the initial plunge of oil prices in 2014.  But with another price drop in 2020,...

The Stonks

Robinhood game

Robinhood Trader Shocked when finding out ‘Stock Trading Game’ Involves Actual...

"I seriously thought Robinhood was a game," Justin Hermouf, 24 stated.  "I thought all of that money I was losing was fake money.  You...

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