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Elon Musk SEC

Elon Musk Starts New “Hidden” Twitter Profile To Hide From The SEC

Elon Musk was reported to have started a new Twitter account so he can hide...
Trump Tax Documents

Trump Tax Documents Turned Over to Manhattan D.A. Office: Cuomo Staffer Alleged to have Intercepted Transfer

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has taken possession of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns,...
Melvin Capital Cocaine

Melvin Capital Cancels Quarterly Cocaine & Hookers Party As GameStop Makes Comeback In February

Another disappointing day for hedge fund, Melvin Capital, as it was reported they had to...
Google AI

Google Fires Third AI Ethics Researcher, CEO States “Developing Military-Grade AI And Following Ethical Guidelines Is No Longer Sustainable”

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Internet search giant Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) fired its third Artificial Intelligence...
Stock bears

Stock Market Bears Added To Endangered Species List as Put-Call Ratio Shatters Record Lows

As the Put-Call ratio for certain indexes dropped below record lows last week, legislators and...


Hunter Biden Sex Tape

Hunter Biden Uses Department Of Energy Funds To Pay Gambling Debts, Texas Freezes

A source that has requested to remain anonymous has informed The Stonk Market that Hunter Biden has diverted $450 Million from the department of...
Texans winter

Texans forced to flair their personal oil wells to stay warm battling unprecedented winter...

Governor Greg Abbott asked his fellow Texans to begin flaring their personal oil wells Tuesday to battle against record snowfall and subsequent power line...
oil gulf of mexico

Oil majors sink on news of 50,000 ton water spill in the Gulf of...

The S&P Global Oil Index (CNY) sunk 3% Thursday upon news of the discovery of 50,000 tons of water being spilled in the Gulf...
energy investors

Where Are They Now? All The Long Only Energy Investors Who Blew Their Fund...

It seems like it was only a few minutes ago that the long only energy investors were talking about $100 dollar oil.  The days...
Secede from union

U.S. Oil States Secede From Union To Join OPEC

The oil producing states of Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, and North Dakota announced on Friday that they are seceding from the Union and forming a...

The Stonks

Mars GameStop

Mars Rover discovers abandoned GameStop stock price landing site

NASA’s Perseverance Rover located the now abandoned landing site for GameStop’s (NYSE: GME) stock price on the surface of Mars earlier today. The site...

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