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Trump debate

Trump debates himself and Dems rise in the polls

Well, we’re back. Last time in Dazed and Confused, we learned that Joe Biden was...

Studies Show Gen Z Adamantly Watching News Solely for Stimulus Information

After the initial wave of stimulus payments hit many Americans' bank accounts throughout April, the...
FinTwit Madness

FinTwit Madness Round Three – Commentary

The third round of FinTwit Madness is in the books.  It was a more brutal...

@The_Real_Fly Resigns From FinTwit Madness Amidst Poor Trading Performance

In a shocking turn, @The_Real_Fly announced Thursday night that he was withdrawing his candidacy from...
Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump nominates Stormy Daniels to fill RBG vacancy

WASHINGTON - Speaking from the heart at the Presidential podium, Trump unveiled that Stormy Daniels...


Well Logging

Dinsin Well Logging: “We’re the Worst So You Don’t Have To Be!”

“As mudloggers, we’re really just here to monitor the gas,” explains Martin Roberts, an oil field veteran with 14 long months of hard-earned experience. “We...
Katie Mehnert Johnny Sins

Katie Mehnert Thanks Johnny Sins For His “Service”

Katie Mehnert, founder and CEO of Pink Petro thanked adult video star, Johnny Sins, for his service on Twitter this afternoon. "God love him --...
Renewable Energy

Notable scientist warns of renewable energy’s true cost to environment

Geneva, Switzerland - Growth in the renewable energy sector has been a beacon of hope for climate activists around the world. “Reducing the worlds...

Opinion: Make The United States O&G Complex Pay For Reparations

Social Justice Warriors unite! I have found the solution to the ever-relevant issue of economic inequality. For decades, politicians have been demanding reparations for...
Portnoy natural gas

Portnoy Shorts Natural Gas Futures To Spite Buffett

After seeing the news that Buffett, Oracle of Nursing Homes, purchased Dominion Energy’s natural gas storage for $10 Billion, day trading legend Dave Portnoy...

The Stonks

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura Expected to Bankrupt Newly-IPO’d Lemonade (Parody)

Wall Street analysts scrambled on Wednesday evening to assess the impacts of Hurricane Laura’s landfall on Lemonade (NYSE:LMND), the insurance startup that conducted its...

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