Landlords renters
Source: Reddit

Landlords are the greatest people to exist and have been rated some of the best human beings on the planet.  We wholly agree.  Landlords provide one of the best services in the world – housing.  Without landlords the world would be destroyed by nukes.  With that being said, here are 15 reasons why landlords are better human beings than renters.

  1. Landlords have more money. More money equals better human beings.
  2. Landlords use depreciation to avoid taxes.  Renters pay full income taxes like a chump. Less money paid in taxes the better citizen you are.
  3. Renters buy stupid things like Funko Pops thinking they are an investment.  Landlords steal Funko Pops and resell them on eBay when the renter can’t pay rent.
  4. Renters donate half of their net worth ($300 dollars) to Bernie Sanders thinking they are fighting the system.  Landlords invest $300 dollars into a cardboard box and rent it to a single mother for $500/month.
  5. Landlords smell like great American capitalism.  Renters smell like stale trash.
  6. Landlords have to burn down their houses to collect massive insurance check when renters don’t pay.  Renters have to find new place to live when they don’t pay rent and their home burns down.
  7. Landlords get to borrow at 3% rate from banks then line their pockets from rentoid W2. Renters spend 75% of their income on rent and the remaining 25% on Funko Pops.
  8. The nice town folks will throw an annual parade for landlords for providing a nice place for people to live annually.  Renters will protest these parades out of jealousy.
  9.  Landlords have to do the hard job of increasing the rent every month then keeping the security deposit.  Renters cry crocodile tears.
  10. Landlords get to wear a top hat when they kick single mothers on the street.  Renters use flat billed hats as wall decoration in your unit.
  11. Landlords get tipped 15-25% of rent every month by their renters for providing such a great service.  Renters are forced to tip.
  12. Landlords have the ability to eat Funko Pops when their renters don’t pay rent.  Renters cry.
  13. Landlords are allowed to blast their favorite songs about having lots of money when evicting non-paying single mothers.  Renters cry.
  14. Landlords can steal pets as leverage when their renters don’t pay rent.  Renters are forced to pay rent.
  15. When a 87 year-old renter leaves their medicine cabinet unlocked you can go in their and take their medicine for fun.
Landlords renters
Source: Reddit