Falling In Reverse – Losing My Life

Ronnie Radke’s, Falling in Reverse dropped a new song today, Losing My Life.

Check the video out. It still has only some 23 thousand views, but it is climbing. We learned of the new video from the Instagram post Ronnie posted.

There are a few things to mention. We clicked on the Instagram post because it was totally synthed out. Purple and pink. Retrowave font. Japanese background with the black and purple retro squares for a sky. You know what’s up. We have followed Ronnie’s music for a minute and there have been suggestions he is a synthwave fan – i.e. dropping, The Midnights music in some of his Instagram posts.

Watching the music video brings us back to that 80s synthwave, retro feel as well – but with a futurama feel of 2033 – the distance future.

The video starts off with a video of someone coding. Reminds us of Mr. Robot. Then the dude raps. And he can rap, better than 99% of you Soundcloud rappers out there.

Red, blue and white lights flash in the background during the chorus. It’s synthed out man. You can see hints of black triangles.

I grabbed my NES system and jammed out to this today. Big fan of Falling in Reverse. Totally different style of most music out there. Check the music video out. I think you will enjoy it.

You can download and stream the song here.


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