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Proud Boy Rufio Panman, Granted Sex with whoever he wants

Proud Boy, Rufio Panman, who knocked twig armed, brain damaged, Antifa thug, was recently granted sex with whoever he wants.

proud boy

To see the knockout video, click this hyperlink.

Proud Boy Panman came swinging his arms, like a Final Fantasy character, protecting his fellow brethren from the beating of an Antifa thug with twig arms. Dodging attack after attack, Proud Boy Panman goes full metal jacket on virgin Antifa, knocking his ass to the ground.

According to sources:

Rufio Panman was released from custody after Portland PD viewed the video of him knocking that hopefully soon to be ex-Antifa scum the fuck out. He will not face any charges even if the commie shit eater dies. Suck it commies. You got nothing. – Source

After being released from jail, the Mayor of Portland, granted Proud Boy Panman with sex, to whom whoever he wants. From our sources, Proud Boy Panman does not need the mayor’s grant, given the flock of pussy swarming to him already.

Legend has it Rufio was asked what it feels like to take a human life. He responded with “I don’t know, I’ve only ever killed communists”


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