Slaughtering Pigs


Disclaimer: This story is fictional. It should not be read by anyone under 18. Violent and graphic content. Please be warned. 

I ended up going to Cielo’s last night to pick up a couple of drunken models. The place was packed for a Tuesday night. I guess when you have the money to spend and the drugs to do it doesn’t matter what time of day one goes to a club.

The models I picked up were from Britain. One was a petite blonde named Olivia; small tits, great ass and pretty face. She was wearing a grey Body-Con Tank Dress by Leith Ruched, Nudistsong black Sandals by Stuart Weitzman and a Van Clefft and Arples bracelet by Chanel. Her blonde hair was exceptionally messy from a wild night on the dance floor and blue eyes bloodshot from drinks and I am assuming marijuana or other illicit drugs. The second model was a black hair (dyed) lady named Jaclyn; big fake tits, an ok flattish looking ass and a beautiful face. Jaclyn was wearing a black Cold Shoulder Lace Dress by Bardot Karlie, So Kate Pumps by Christian Louboutin and a black thong that she continuously revealed on the dance floor. If I had to choose I would fuck Jaclyn over Olivia. She seemed up for anything sexually and on the wild side.

It wasn’t hard to get them to come back to my place. After introducing myself to them at the club I asked if they wanted to do some coke. In my experience, once you have a broad doing coke, you can pretty much entice her to do anything as long as the supply of coke keeps coming.

The fun began when we got back to my penthouse. I didn’t fuck either of them – I would have loved to but ever since my encounter with Janie I have been distracted. Instead I drugged them up with LSD and brutally slaughtered them.

On the way to my penthouse Jaclyn kept talking about how she was going to Italy next week to visit some friends and family. Her voice was extremely annoying and she seemed awfully stupid. I’m not sure what she would do as a profession when her good looks run out (good thing she died before she had to make that decision). I didn’t really mind Olivia. She seemed like she had brains and wasn’t annoyingly talkative like Jaclyn. I thought about cutting Olivia’s arm off and shoving it down Jaclyn’s throat to shut her up. The radio was playing “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard.

Back at my penthouse Jaclyn kept whining how all guys in America are just looking for sex. I felt like smashing her teeth in with a brick. Olivia sat quietly on my black Bentley Leather chair by Ethan Allen occasionally putting her hand over her mouth to giggle. Olivia’s shyness is cute. It’s a shame she has to die.

While the girls were talking about photo shoots they have done I was fixing up a couple of glasses 2013 Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Red Wine from Italy. I secretly put five hits of LSD in each of the glasses of wine for the girls.

If you have never taken LSD before five hits will mean the same a one hit. Let me explain the difference. Typically one hit of LSD will be manageable. You may see some visual hallucinations but nothing crazy. Two hits you will laugh a lot and see vivid hallucinations. Anything above two becomes a blur and extremely uncomfortable. At five hits, these girls will have no fucking idea what is going on. Everything will be moving. Their hallucinations will be out of control. Even if I didn’t plan on killing them they would still have a night of terror.

After drinking the wine I let the girls do a couple more lines of coke. I needed to act fast. They would start tripping in 30 minutes or so and I didn’t need them running around my penthouse. After railing the coke I asked if they would like to come into my room. Jaclyn was down in an instant – looking at me like she wanted to have sex. Olivia was more hesitant but followed Jaclyn’s lead. I showed them where my room was and told them to make themselves comfortable while I filled their glasses of wine up in the kitchen.

When I walked into the room I knew their trip had begun. Both girls were sitting on my bed, holding each other laughing uncontrollably. Jaclyn had already taken her clothes off and was sitting only in her black thong. Olivia still had her clothes on.

Tying the girls up was relatively easy. I tied Jaclyn to my bed with her head propped up on the bed stand so she could watch me torture Olivia. Olivia was tied to a brown wooden chair across from the bed. They had no idea what was going on at this point. I think Jaclyn thought I was going to fuck her as she laughed uncontrollably. Olivia was sobbing at this point asking what was going on. I wanted to keep Jaclyn alive while I tortured Olivia. Olivia had the easy way out – dying first isn’t bad – seeing someone die then knowing your next is the worst.

I started the torture by shaving Olivia’s head, dimmed the lights and played Dying Fetus’ album, “Killing on Adrenaline”. At this point Olivia was screaming. She had no idea why her hair was falling out and I’m sure the music wasn’t soothing at all. I could only imagine what was going on in her mind at this point. Jaclyn started yelling incomprehensible language. I took Olivia’s hair and shoved what I could fit it in Jaclyn’s mouth to shut her up. Jaclyn started thrashing – attempting to scream through a mouth full of hair. I slapped Jaclyn across the face three or four times for the pleasure of it.

After tearing Olivia’s clothes off, I pulled out a canister of gasoline out of my closet. I soaked a red rag in gas and wiped it over her naked body. Olivia was completely out of control at this point. I didn’t cover her mouth because I wanted to hear her screams of terror. I then began cutting her stomach open.

I took a Pirant-EDGE deer gutting knife by Havalon and slowly pushed it into her stomach. Bright red blood came oozing out, smelling metallically – I wanted to drink her blood. Her stomach opening under the blade of my knife sounded like a rough piece of leather tearing. I didn’t push the knife too deep – to avoid hitting any fatal organs. Olivia’s legs were shaking, her head was back screaming in agony and her hands clenched the wooden chair she was tied too. “Procreate the Malformed” was blasting on my speakers by Dying Fetus.

When I was done opening Olivia’s stomach I looked up and saw her petrified blue eyes and recently shaven head looking down at me while I played with her intestines that lay on her lap. Standing up to whisper in her ear I said, what I just did was not for sexual pleasure, rather it was to bring me some peace of mind”.

Olivia’s screams were deafeningly loud at this point. Jaclyn was still thrashing around on the bed. I needed to shut Olivia up at this point. Her screams were starting to annoy me. I started by wrapping her large and small intestines around her body. The large intestine is five feet long and the small intestine is 23 feet long. By the time I was finished you could you could barely see her torso. Her head poked out above the intestines. Olivia was violently shaking. I believe she was having a seizure and about to go into shock. For additional pleasure, I tilted her head back and poured the canister of gasoline down her throat.

Gasoline is a mixture of 150 or so chemicals from crude oil. When swallowed, gasoline will cause extreme stomach irritation. A small amount of gas swallowed from siphoning won’t do much harm – you will just be burping gas for a few days. Swallowing large amounts of gas can cause loss of consciousness, internal hemorrhaging, convulsions and death.

I poured the whole canister of gasoline down her throat. Olivia’s shaking grew worse. Jaclyn somehow got the hair out of her mouth and was screaming at the top of her lungs. I started bashing Olivia in the face with my fist. With every punch I could hear facial bones breaking. Her shaking slowed. Soon there were only a few deep leg twitches. I think she was dead.

The fun had only begun. Turning to Jaclyn I watched as she fiercely tried to break free. Her legs were long and white. Her black hair lay chaotically across her face while her head was against my beds headboard. She looked cold as her nipples were erect.

I grabbed Jaclyn by her black hair and slammed her head against the beds headboard. Then I tilted her head back to look deep into her eyes. Fear was all I saw. She was vulnerable, scared and alone. I whispered into her ear, “Today I am dirty, but tomorrow I’ll be just dirt”.

I noticed her nipples again. They were extremely erect – larger nipples than the regular broad. I bit them off and swallowed them. Blood was pouring down her chest from where the nipples use to be.

I then took a compact handheld circular saw WORX and cut her lips off. Taking my Pirant-EDGE deer gutting knife by Havalon that I gutted Olivia with, I cut vertically down her cheeks – filleting the sides of her mouth open. At this point Jaclyn was shrieking. Warm blood flowed from her mouth down her chest – her whole chin was covered in blood. I could see her molars. She looked like a mad rapid dog that got a hold of a possum. Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog was blasting on my speakers by Dying Fetus.

Taking my Channellock Straight Jaw Pliers and pulling her teeth out one by one was absolutely relaxing. This is just what I needed. Thoughts of Janie were completely out of my mind. While I was pulling her teeth I started to get aroused. Blood was everywhere. Jaclyn was a hot mess – blood in her hair, all over her body and toothless. I was extremely horny. I took my cock out of my Ted Baker Cotton-Linen blue suit pants and stood above her on my bed – raging hard.

Squatting down I grabbed Jaclyn by her ears and titled her head back. Jaclyn was moaning and crying like a retard. I put my cock in her mouth and throat fucked her. Every time my cock went deep in her throat she gargled. She tried to bite down but the feeling of her bloody gums on my cock only made me more aroused. I knew I couldn’t fuck her throat too long or else she would have drowned on her own blood, salvia and my cock ramming down her throat.

I came deep inside of her throat. It was one of the best orgasms I had in a long time. My legs were shaking as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. When I pulled out she gasped for air and puked blood, salvia and cum all over her chest.

My alpha prime is back I thought to myself. Before I jumped off the bed I kicked Jaclyn in the face knocking her out. Dying Fetus’ Intentional Manslaughter was playing on the speakers. I was fucking pumped. I grabbed my portable propane torch out of my closet and stood over the past out Jaclyn.

Lighting the torch I pulled off her black thong and started burning the labia off her vagina. Jaclyn instantly woke up – screeching. I turned the torch off and put the red tip up her vagina. Jaclyn was sobbing, wailing and probably begging for her life – but I couldn’t understand her over the music and her mutilated face. As I turned the torch on her eyes lit up, head went backwards and legs shook so viciously it was hard to keep the torch in her. These were the loudest screams I have ever heard. I was aroused again.

Turning the torch off I untied Jaclyn and flipped her on her stomach. She was practically paralyzed at this point from shock. She moaned deep and long sighs and her eyes were beginning to roll back in her head. Walking over to the closet with a raging hard cock I grabbed a baseball bat and a bottle of sex lube. I used the whole bottle of lube on the wooden baseball bat then proceeded to shove it up her ass. While I sadistically raped her with the baseball bat I masturbated with my left hand. By the time I was about to cum the baseball bat was 3/4ths of the way inside of her.

I don’t think she was alive when I blew my load all over her back – but it was good. Feeling the adrenaline flowing through my veins I jumped on the bed – standing over her – yelling “how do you like me now you fucking whore”!

Looking around the room at my masterpiece was pleasing. Olivia’s intestines wrapped around her cold pale body. Jaclyn was face down on my bed covered in blood and cum. I admired my masterpiece. This is true art. I’m back, I thought to myself. I’m back.


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