1. Put whip cream on it with cherry
  2. Recreate D-Day with toy army soldiers and Green Aliens on top of head. 
  3. Draw graph of my favorite stonk going up on forehead 
  4. Use it as finger painting portrait 
  5. Write activist letter on back of head to a company and send it in the mail. 
  6. Use it as a litter box for my kitties
  7. Write my future best selling novel on it. 
  8. Throw rotten apples at it. 
  9. Tape picture of Olivia Voz on it and take on date 
  10. Cuddle with it like cozy teddy bear that just came out of dryer 
  11. Pound on bald head with my fist when I lose money in stonks 
  12. Take shots off bald head when I make money in stonks 
  13. Park my Tonka Truck on it. 
  14. Use head as cushion when I go on a flight for my butt
  15. Use as ashtray for a swisher sweet (purple) blunt 
  16. Put head in front of door so it doesn’t slam from wind 
  17. Play hacky-sack with my buds in front of the liquor store
  18. Stick head out in my garden to scare the birds away 
  19. Give the head away as a gag gift to my buddies 
  20. Use as a plunger when my poops jam the toilet 
  21. Kiss head when I’m feeling lonley
  22. Yell at head when the stonks go down
  23. Grow tomatoes on it
  24. Draw hundred dollar bills on it so I look rich and not poor
  25. Build DCF model on it.