The Stonk Market is pleased announce the United States of America’s very own Airline Industry, has won the Capital Allocation Award of the Century.   The Capital Allocation Award of the Century is a once in a lifetime award only handed out to the best of the best capital allocators around. 

“It really didn’t take us long to figure out that the airline industry deserved this award,” Brent Bradley of The Stonk Market said.  “I don’t think there is any industry who has been able to match the strategic capital allocation the airline industry has been able to accomplish in such little time.”

The following table shows the astute allocation strategy the airline industry performed over the years.  

Boeing is by far the reigning capital allocation champ with over $46 billion in repurchases and $27 billion in dividends paid since 2008.  Delta trails Boeing by a wide margin ($11 billion in repurchases and $3.8 billion in dividends) followed by a long line of losers – American Airlines, Southwest and United Airlines coming in dead last.

In total, since 2008, these five capital allocation heroes have allocated over $90 billion to repurchases and $34 billion to dividends.  

This is something to be proud of.  I would like all readers to raise you glasses high and toast these capital allocation champions a job well done.  You stewards of capital totally deserve a Federal Government bailout and this once in a lifetime award:

The Capital Allocation Award of the Century will be available for pickup at the Federal Office of Bailouts later today. 

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