Bitcoin Twitter

Twitter User @Crypto_Bobby offered up a helpful solution to the question of how to have sex during the Coronavirus pandemic, Bitcoin. Much like every other appearance of the phrase on seemingly unrelated topics, no explanation was offered on how Bitcoin fixes this.

Bobby makes an important point though. Is there any problem Bitcoin can’t fix? A quick twitter search shows bitcoin being offered as a solution to everything from prophylactic’s to nuclear war.

The blockchain industries explosion onto the digital scene has quickly and efficiently fixed problems that simply did not even exist prior to Bitcoin. A testament to just how innovative blockchain is.

Through bitcoin’s short eleven year stint as a store of value, it has proven itself to be useful in everything from paying for drugs to hiring a contract killer to deal with your annoying ex-wife. For the now divorced Hodlers, bitcoin has offered itself as both the cause of the divorce and the solution.

Bitcoin’s wild success has spawned thousands of copy cats attempting to capture the original magic, each version with its own rabid evangelist fan base. The splintered groups have exciting taglines and slogans to help identify each other out in the wild.

These blockchain projects have shown thousands of unemployed crypto evangelists their true purpose in life (beyond daily checking their 0.83BTC wallet balance) is to post “Bitcoin fixes this” on every topic they see all across the internet.

The posting has become so prevalent that there is a nearly 50% chance on any given tweet about a problem, bitcoin will be offered as a solution.

Has offering bitcoin as a solution to the world’s problems become as prevalent as herpes? Could bitcoin itself be the answer to herpes?

Many have wondered what exactly the purpose of bitcoin even is. The answer is clear. The purpose is bitcoin. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, the answer is bitcoin. If the answer isn’t bitcoin, you need to be more imaginative.