Bitcoin Going Down

Bitcoin investors are getting younger by the day, and a local investor, Chad Bronkowzki, member of the only fraternity at his community college was confused when Bitcoin’s price tumbled this past week. “I didn’t know it could go down to be honest, Elon Musk said it is gonna be a billion dollars or something, so I figured buying a lot of Bitcoin would save me for having to work for my douchebag Dad, so yeah I mean I’m down a lot of money but it can go back up for sure I think.”

Bitcoin investor Chad is mostly unable to understand basic market functions, but yet Chad does not cry on Twitter like most crypto holders. He simply holds and doesn’t cry on Twitter, he just waits for his unimaginable wealth. His patience separates him from 99% of crypto holders who feel the need to explain why Bitcoin’s energy consumption doesn’t matter when the Earth will explode in the Sun Death in a few billion years.