Business guru ppp loans
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

“Filing all the articles of incorporation only took three days, and the results speak for themselves.” Jack Cunningham of Cunningham Financial LLP said in a statement on Monday regarding the PPP loans.

Frustrated at missing the cutoff for the stimulus checks sent out in mid April, Mr. Cunningham decided to take matters into his own hands. Upon reading the provisions regarding the PPP loans from the Small Business Administration website, Cunningham had all the ingredients he needed to amass his newfound affluence.

“All it took was one Google search. How anybody else didn’t think to do this is beyond me! The SBA literally laid everything out for me.” says Mr. Cunningham.

One thing Cunningham noted was the ease of completing the loan process. He also claims that there was virtually no vetting of his application. Cunningham wanted to thank the U.S. Government and most notably the SBA for giving him the tools at his disposal to make this great fortune.

“I wanted to share my story with The Stonk Market so that others can achieve their lifelong dreams and aspirations too. You don’t have to be hurt and beaten down by the pandemic like I was. Just file the articles of incorporation, get on SBA’s website, fill out the required fields in the PPP loan application, and enjoy your newfound wealth.”

Cunningham has already begun accepting deals as a keynote speaker at numerous virtual conferences and talks around the country. He plans on motivating the next generation of business gurus before he plans on retiring. One thing he is looking forward to after retirement is living out his life’s passion of hitting the casinos to perfect his craft in his favorite game; slots.

“Who would’ve thought that coronavirus would make me the man I am today?”