Deep Value Investor Buys High Quality Company for First Time in his Career


St. Louis, Missouri – A long time deep value investor, Brian Kelly of Rust Asset Management was reported to have bought a quality company for the first time in his entire 30-year investing career.  It was a historical moment in the making.  “I’ve never bought a company that was actually good,” Brian stated.  “The only companies I have bought in my entire career have been deep value stink bags.”

Brian Kelly, 55, started Rust Asset Management 30 years ago as a young 25-year-old man.  Since the inception of Rust Asset Management, Brian has been focused solely on investing in deep value opportunities.

“I look for companies that are trading way below tangible book value,” Brain said while brushing the dander off his shoulders.  “Deep value stocks have historically outperformed the boarder market.  The only issue with deep value stocks is that they are a bunch of stink bags.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been invested in dozens of companies that have been ran by 90-year-old men with Alzheimer’s.”

Then in May of 2020 everything changed.

“I bought the first high quality company in my entire 30-year career of investing on May 1st,” Brian said smiling.  “I’m finally starting to understand why people like these high-quality businesses.”

Ever since buying this high-quality company Brian told us how his entire investing philosophy has changed.  “I’m in the process of high grading my portfolio.  I have officially dumped all these stink bag deep value plays and have rotated all capital into high quality compounders.  It has been enlightening.”

In only six days since high grading his portfolio, Brain said he has seen remarkable change in his attitude and appearance.  “My hair is starting to grow back, I lost 25 pounds and my wife can’t stop looking at me.” 

Now without constantly worrying about what these deep value stink bags are doing, Brain can spend more time with his family and friends.  “Investing in high quality companies is great.  All I do is put my money into these assets and forget about them.  I don’t have to worry about the CEO who owns all of the Class B voting shares from fleecing the company I am invested in anymore.  I don’t have to worry about how fast a company is losing revenues every quarter.  And I don’t have to worry about my investors calling me up and questioning me why I am invested in such a terrible asset.”

Currently Brian is in the process of renaming Rust Asset Management into ‘Growth At Any and I Mean Any Price Management’. 

“In this market there are so many opportunities for me to invest in an asset trading at 40x times 2060 cash flows.  I’ve never seen this many opportunities in my lifetime!”

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