Elon Musk SEC

Elon Musk was reported to have started a new Twitter account so he can hide from the SEC and continue to make funny jokes without a repercussion. “I just want to be able to post pictures of funny dogs,” Elon said. “With 50 million followers, anytime I post a picture of a cute dog on the moon I get in all kinds of trouble by those SEC dorks.”

The new “hidden” Twitter profile has a photo of Elon with a big mustache, glasses and goes by the name Elaine Must. The twitter handle is a clever play on words making fun of the SEC and also incorporating a hilarious number @fuckthesec42069.

The bio of the profile states “SEC, three letter acronym, middle word is Elon’s” a tweet Elon threw at the SEC a year ago when they were investigating him for tweeting about a fake Tesla buyout. In addition, the location of the profile states that he is hiding from the SEC.

The only tweet the profile has tweeted is a cryptic tweet saying “F THE SEC! DOGECOIN TO THE MOON!”

According to insider sources at Tesla, Elon created this profile during a lunch break while he was day trading Dogecoin.