Have you ever wanted to become a millionaire or even a billionaire?  Do you want a fancy car that goes real fast?  Loads of Russian models catering to your every needs?  And even a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken by your bedside when you get the midnight munchies?  Well here is your chance, with the FinTwit Stock Market Challenge!

In the contest each player will start with $25,000 dollars of real cash money.  With this infusion of money, a player will be allowed to trade their way to becoming extremely rich (smart).

On November 30th, 2020 the player with the highest balance will receive $500 dollars in in actual cash.  The player with the second highest balance will receive $100 credit to @WallStSupp. Finally, the player with third highest balance will receive $50 dollars in credit to @StockMarketHats.  Everyone else will be forced to get “loser” tattooed on their forehead.

The contest will be hosted by the world famous @MoneyMnuchins with commentary provided by The Stonk Market (the website that recently purchased the struggling Wall Street Journal and solved poverty).

Get your account set up now boys and trade your way to millions or even trillions.

Disclaimer: You will not really receive $25,000 in real money.  This money is more fake than your Instagram selfies.  If you believed we would actually give you real money you must have the IQ of a Nikola investor.  The losers will be forced to get “loser” tattooed on their forehead and walk naked through downtown Manhattan for five hours.  Don’t be a loser.