COVID-19 Wealthy

While the pandemic has hurt everyone across the world, there is one group that has been forgotten, the children of wealthy parents. These are the kids who don’t have the opportunity to YOLO their stimulus checks into GME or Dogecoin, like their poorer friends do.

This generation of upper middle-class children are being pushed to the sidelines. Sure, they all have their own investment through professional brokerages, but it is not the same.

Those whose parents made less than $160,000 got $1,400 this week. The new money was already influencing the price of $GME. This stimulus YOLO made some question why even give the money to people. Others were upset that they missed the opportunity.

Samuel Johnson 19, a University Sophomore whose parents made $175,000 last year will not be getting a “Stimmy” as he called it said this, “This is an injustice that people will surely recognize. I just can’t believe that the government is going to ignore an entire segment of America.” Johnson is just one of thousands of young Americans who were denied this basic human right he claimed.

When asked why you don’t just use your own money to buy Dogecoin Johnson replied, “Well this is my money and I had to work for it. If it were the governments, I wouldn’t be that upset if I lost it.”

This cutoff line for stimulus was decided to make sure only those who needed assistance got money, but Johnson said, “this is a war against the middle class, I think, that’s what my mom said at least.”

This minority of young meme-stock investors is suffering due a lack of federal money that they would in turn lose to larger hedge funds. It is simply termed trickle-up economics. This entire group of young Americans were ready and willing to throw this money to bulls and bears of Wall Street but were denied the opportunity to even try.

Later Johnson would say that “I’m looking at a few penny stocks that are about to MOON.”