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Hero O&G CEO takes measly $15 million severance check as company declares bankruptcy: Locals Cheer

Locals Cheer when hero CEO takes measly $15 million dollar severance check


Denver – In an act of gratitude and kindness not seen in ages, local hero Muck Davis, CEO of oil and gas exploration firm Blacking Petroleum, took a measly $15 million severance check when his firm went under.  “It was the least I could do,” Muck Davis stated as he looked at his one hundred thousand-dollar Rolex.  

Blacking Petroleum, a once “thriving” oil and gas exploration firm met it lasts days this week as the price of oil has officially been crushed from massive oversupply and lackluster demand.  The entire blue-collar workforce of Blacking Petroleum was laid off indefinitely with zero compensation and severance this week.

“We had to do what we had to do,” Muck Davis stated.  “They all get it though.  It’s the nature of the business.”

Everyone who had ties to Blacking Petroleum was in the dumps, until the news on Muck Davis’ severance checked was leaked.

“It was a blessing this town needed,” laundry mat owner Susan Kent said.

When the town found out Muck Davis took at $15 million severance check the entire town cheered.

“You could hear the cheering from all the way in the Chili’s Restaurant bathroom,” local drunk said.

The $15 million severance check was an act of gratitude and compassion.  Muck Davis, who owned less than 1% of Blacking Petroleum said, “it isn’t easy taking a $15 million paycheck. But I had to do what I had to do.”  

Blacking Petroleum was a publicly traded company on the New York Stock exchange prior to it’s demise.  Muck Davis’ severance was only worth one fourth of the entire market cap of Blacking at the time of payout.

“Taking a $15 million dollar severance while laying your entire workforce off and losing investors billions of dollars is the kindest act I have seen in ages,” Town Mayor stated.  “We have officially declared April 1st, Muck Davis day.”

A parade for Muck Davis and his true act of heroism will be held this Saturday.  Locals have even started a Go Fund me to help Muck Davis transition from CEO of public company to multimillionaire. 

“I pray every night the transition from CEO to unemployed is easy for him,” local lady stated.  “$15 million will only get you so far these days.”

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