Hyliion Motors

One week after electric truck rendering fabricator, Nikola Motors, was found to be a completely fraudulent company who pushed cars down hills, electric truck visionaries at Hyliion Motors are set to finish a business combination via SPAC and offload equity to unsuspecting retail investors.

Hyliion Motors is out to prove to the public equity markets that they are the first non-fraudulent green semi-truck to market in 2020. Hyliion’s aspiring mission statement to “reduce carbon intensity,” albeit admirable is nothing new, even for oil companies. Aiming for the remaining clueless ESG and Robinhood investors in 2020 to enrich the “existing Hyliion shareholders” should not be an issue based on the SPAC’s current market cap of $1.3BB.

In the coming weeks, Thomas Healy, 28-year-old virgin and CEO of Hyliion Motors, is set to become yet another billionaire in the Robinhod era of the 2020s. However, investigative journalists at the Stonk Market have used their Chromebook to rebut their business case.

We have found that all truck variants assume $3/gallon for diesel for hybrid while current US average is $2.21/gallon and that trucking fleets are too dumb to lock in hedges at current prices or future diesel efficiency improvements.

To justify the use case, the flagship CNG/electric “HYPERTRUCK ERX” assumes a “$0.068/kWh and R/CNG at $1.00/gallon”. Current CNG averages $2.19/gallon or 219% than model assumptions and average electricity prices are higher in a total of 50 out of 50 US states with the cheapest state of Nevada approximately 4% higher according to July 2020 EIA data and 5.4% higher than the national average for industrial averages.

Hyliion’s model assumptions also assume that the US fracking industry, which is currently hemorrhaging money and suffering from leverage and solvency issues, will come back as ordained by God which will bring down the cost of CNG.

While above may invalidate the legitimate business case, Healy explained that the 0 to 60 time will be best in the world, and like Elon said “if you don’t care about 0 to 60, do you really care about the planet?”.

With that logic, we couldn’t agree more. We are long SHILL

Source of featured image: YouTube