If you get a text from this number (1-737-217-6397) don’t ever respond to it. I am begging you don’t respond to it! Delete it and forget about it.

I got a text from that number a week ago. It said the following:

Hello Dina. It’s Emma. Jim and I broke up..I caught him with another woman from the office. I feel horrible and I need someone to talk..

I didn’t know who it was. I’m not sure why I even texted it in the first place. I shouldn’t have. All I said was ok. This might be the last thing I ever write…

Day One:

I didn’t get a response from the weird breakup text. Nothing at all. I just went through the regular motions of my day. Went to work. Got a workout in the gym. Had a date with my lady. Nothing unusual.

Day Two:

I got a response from the text message. They sent a devil emoji. I responded with a question mark. They immediately sent me a link leading to a site with a countdown timer. The site was fiendish looking. The background was a black and white burnt down building. There were crows sitting on the building. The opening to the building was dark. Black as could be. The timer was counting down from five days. Twenty-three hours, 59 minutes and three seconds were left. I didn’t receive anything else from the number.

Day Three:

To be honest I forgot about the number. I thought it was just some kid messing with me. Or even one of my friends from college. I was shocked when I received a message from it.

“How are you?”, the text said.

I replied telling them I don’t know who they are.

“We know you”, the replied.

Three dots showed up on my iPhone. They were still typing.

Suddenly a picture came through. I was shaken by the image. It was a picture of me. It was a picture of me in line at the Dunkin Donuts this morning.

What the fuck, I thought to myself. I tried to remember who else was in Dunkin Donuts with me but had no recollection. I replied to the number asking who it was in an angry tone. I had no response.

Day Four:

I was shaken up by the picture from yesterday. I chose to walk a different route to work. I skipped my daily Dunkin Donut coffee round. I even told my girlfriend about it. She brushed it off saying it was probably someone I knew who was messing with me.

Around lunchtime I got a text from the number. It was a photo. A photo of my apartment complex. Then they sent another photo. The second photo was to the window in my room.

I was pissed off now. I didn’t even respond. I called the police station and told them about the messages. It was no use. They told me if there haven’t been any threats there isn’t anything, they can do about it. I slept at my girlfriends that night.

Day Five:

I took at taxi to work from my girlfriends three-flat. It was rainy that day and I didn’t feel like getting stuck in the rain with someone potentially taking my photo. It was a normal day…until I got the calls.

I got over one-hundred phone calls that day. I picked up the first few. They were silent. I let the other hundred go to voicemail. After work I listened to the voicemails. A lot of them were of a man breathing. Heavy and deep breathing. It sounded like he was whispering something in a few of them, but I couldn’t make it out.

A few of the voicemails were of a lady screaming. She was screaming bloody murder. Screaming like someone was physically torturing her. I couldn’t listen to many of those.

The last few voicemails were of this demonic noise. The voice didn’t sound like a man but rather a beast. The noise was slow, deep, and loud. It was an unfathomable noise that shook me.

I went home and texted my girlfriend. No response from her. I blew it off. She had a crazy busy workday. I wish I wouldn’t have blown her no response off…

Day Six:

I woke up to a text from the number.

“Your girlfriend was pretty,” the text stated.

I immediately called my girlfriend. Her phone went to voicemail. I grabbed my ten-speed and jolted over there as fast as I could.

The rain and wind whipped in my face. It was a downpour that cold Saturday morning. When I was almost to my girlfriend’s apartment, I hit a pothole and was thrown off my bike.

The taste of blood filled my mouth. My knee was badly cut and bruised. I looked up and saw flashing lights. There were five cop cars. They were all outside of my girlfriends three-flat.

I rushed into the three-flat and ran upstairs to her unit. The door was open with police tape blocking it off. A police officer stood outside of her unit.

“This is police business,” the officer stated.

“That is my girlfriends’ apartment,” I shouted. “Is she ok?”

I tried to rush into the apartment as the officer held me back. I kicked and punched. The officer gave up and let me go as I ripped through the police tape.

There was hair everywhere. Red animal hair that I have never seen before. The walls were scratched up by something. There were scratches everywhere. The couch was torn to bits. Then I saw blood. In my girlfriend’s room blood covered the walls.

I was in complete shock. I broke down. The officers questioned me. I told them everything I knew. I told them about the phone number. About all the phone calls. They documented it in their cold, calculated way and told me to go home. They would call me if they find out what happens. Call me when they find out what kind of hair this is and whose blood is on the walls.

I took the train back to my apartment. On the way back the number texted me a smiley face.

Day Seven:

I woke up today with another text from the number. They sent a video. It was a video of my apartment. The video started off with the person holding the camera exploring my apartment. They went through my fridge. My bathroom. Then they went into my room. My heart dropped when I saw myself sleeping in the video.

The camera person just stood there and videotaped me sleeping. They taped me for five minutes. Then the video ended.

When I was done watching the video, I received another text from the number. They sent me a link to the website. 12 hours and five minutes were left on the timer.

I immediately called the police and told them about the video. They told me to get the landlord to change the locks on my doors immediately and told me to stay inside today. They also told me the hair and blood is getting tested and should have results this evening. No one has heard from my girlfriend.

It is 11:53 pm as I write this now. I just received a call from the police station. The results were in. The blood was my girlfriends. They said there was enough blood spilled it was unlikely she was alive. The police also told me they got the red hair tested. It came back as unknown species. Not any human or animal on this earth could have possessed that hair. I was told a police officer watch car would be on its way over.

Its 11:58 pm. The number texted me again. They sent the link to the count down website. Two minutes remained.

The time just hit 11:59 pm. I received a second text from the number asking if I was ready? I didn’t respond. The timer has 30 seconds left.

12:00 pm. The time went to zero. A skull popped up on the screen of my computer. I received another text.

“Time is up.”

From my door comes a heavy knock. The door handle turns…

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