Kodak GameStock

In what appears to be another failed attempt to stay relevant in the digital age, Kodak announced it will change its name to GameStock.

“As of Monday, February 1st, we will officially change our name to GameStock,” Jim Continenza, CEO stated.  “This corporate rebranding will help show investors that we will do anything to remain relevant in the new digital world.”

Kodak’s corporate rebranding comes on the heels of the recent GameStop short squeeze.  Kodak has been well known to jump on hot investor bandwagons including developing a cryptocurrency called KodakCoin and saying they will manufacture the cure for COVID-19.

“We are definitely not doing this to pump up our stock price,” Continenza said while rubbing his hands like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and whispering “excellent”. “I promise to not front run retail investor or sell any of my stock.”

When reporters asked why Continenza had his left hand behind his back with his fingers crossed he fell to the ground and had a seizure.  Doctors later reported that Continenza faked his seizure in an attempt to dodge a hard question.