Jay Powell
Image by Dave Barlow from Pixabay

In a surprising move for a Fed Chairman, Jay Powell has announced he will be providing the early seed investment into a NYC sex club.

New Society for Wellness (“NSFW”) have reached out to potential investors for funds to open their own facility. In the past NSFW has rented space from local community centers and safe injection sites, however the shutdown of these facilities due to COVID sickness has led NSFW to seek their own permanent facility.

The seed round of funding will help pay for the extra personal protective equipment and enormous amount of disinfectant 

The move isn’t surprising for Jay Powell, who has a history of working in private equity with firms such as The Carlyle Group.

However, in the past, Federal Reserve chairmen have been known for taking more conservative approaches to investing such as treasuries.

When reached for comment, Jay Powell said,

“The federal Reserve is committed to supporting small businesses across America. Not all small businesses however are eligible to share in the enormous liquidity we’ve injected into the market. This is a business I personally believe in so I felt it necessary to get in there myself to deliver the funds.”

Jay Powell’s investment came on the condition that former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke be barred from membership for life. “I don’t want to be rubbing shoulders with that prick. I’m cleaning up one of his messes already.”

NSFW is expected to have their facility up and running within 3 months in an abandoned former WeWork office across the street from the Federal Reserve bank of New York. Other notable seed investors are Tim Sykes and Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports.