It was another frantic day of trading for the US markets as the DOW closed down over 2000 points – the largest point move in history. Terms like “bear market”, “recession”, and “I’m going to jump into oncoming traffic” are being thrown around left and right on Wall Street. In times like these, we look to the best and brightest mind that the financial industry has to offer: leading analyst and host of renowned investing TV show “Pissed Off Pennies”, Kim Flamer.

Kim Flamer’s track record speaks for itself. She has posted 14,000% returns in her Yielding Extremely Efficient Total returns ($YEET) fund, wrote the best-selling investment novel “Warren Buffett is a total scrub and here’s why:”, and got to keep 4/5 of total assets in both of her divorces. Kim appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Foxnews, Bloomberg TV, and Reddit r/financestreams today and offered her thoughts on the market. “I’m expecting stocks to make a full recovery to all-time highs at some point in the next 10 years, but they might go down before that.” Every single TV host agreed with her sentiment. “She’s a genius,” said Anderson Cooper. Additionally, Kim released her official $SPY price target of 300 (if it goes higher) and 250 (if it goes lower).

Kim’s comments came after many other famous names have already given their opinions. Local man, age 26, has already come on the record saying coronavirus is no big deal. Following local man’s lead, Elon Musk tweeted that ‘the coronavirus panic is dumb.’ Again, the DOW closed down more than 2000 points today.

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