Merica – An anonymous woman claims to have had explosive diarrhea for over 17 years. Her explosive diarrhea has had extremely negative impacts on her life. This is her story…

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Meet Daffodil Sweet Cheeks (fake name to hide her identity). Daffodil Sweet Cheeks looks like your ordinary 30-year-old woman. She has a high paying corporate job in finance. She has long tan brown legs, baby bleach blonde hair and Betty Davis eyes that can hypnotize any man into a love daze.

Daffodil Sweet Cheek’s life seems seemingly perfect. Her Benz is fresh off the lot. She lives in a penthouse condo overlooking Lake Michigan. On the outside her life is picture-perfect. However, there is an internal demon that has haunted Daffodil Sweet Cheeks. Daffodil Sweet Cheeks has had explosive diarrhea for over 15 years.

“The explosive diarrhea started when I was fifteen years-old,” Daffodil Sweet Cheeks said while sighing. “I can’t remember the last time I didn’t squirt liquid diarrhea all over a toilet bowl.”

Daffodil Sweet Cheeks told us that not only does her butthole have a constant burn like someone rubbed hot sauce on it, but her explosive diarrhea has affected her love life as well.

“Do you know what it’s like dating someone when you have explosive diarrhea?”, Daffodil Sweet Cheeks stated. “It is absolutely horrible. I have never been able to hold a long-term relationship.”

The explosive diarrhea has been such a hindrance that Daffodil Sweet Cheeks comes clean on the first date telling her date(s) that she has explosive diarrhea.

“The men I go out with usually give me a funny look when I tell them I have chronic explosive diarrhea,” Daffodil Sweet Cheeks said. “They usually don’t believe me at first. When they hear me blowing up the toilet that is when things get ugly.”

Daffodil Sweet Cheeks said she has had men walk right out of her condo once they hear her blowing up the toilet with her ass.

“Taking a shit is a very long process for me. I will typically sit on the toilet for 45 minutes – farting and squirting liquid chunks the entire time. Sometimes I have to put earplugs in my ears the noise gets so loud.”

Daffodil Sweet Cheeks’ butthole has destroyed over 17 toilets. When her explosive diarrhea gets so bad it takes out  entire toilets, like a teen threw a firecracker in it.

“I did have one ‘longer’ term relationship,” Daffodil Sweet Cheeks said while wiping a tear from her eye. “The man I was dating was extremely empathic towards my situation. The final straw broke the camels back when I had chili one night and had sex right afterwards. I was riding his face like a toddler rides a Tonka Trunk, like a dog rubs their ass on the carpet when they have a tape worm, when suddenly my bum started to feel funny. Before I knew it, my boyfriend was covered in brown smelly liquid.”

During our interview with Daffodil Sweet Cheeks she rushed off to use the bathroom for over an hour. The noise that emitted from the bathroom was horrendous. It sounded like it was Berlin in 1945. When Daffodil finally emerged from the bathroom, she said the toilet would not flush.

Explosive diarrhea is not a joke. If you or someone you love suffers from explosive diarrhea please contact our expert Chuck Finley. Chuck has dealt with numerous cases of explosive diarrhea. He is the foremost expert when dealing with this sensitive topic. God speed.

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