Tyler Herro

Miami Heat shooting guard and internet sensation Tyler Herro has announced he’ll be opening a futuristic strip club in Downtown Miami that’ll be entirely powered by Dogecoin. “It’s very cool for sure, we have a lot of ideas in the work, right now our biggest idea is having our strippers get an implant in their ass so you just slap your phone on their ass and it automatically sends them 100 Doge.” Herro said.

Fellow Heat team mate Jimmy Butler said on Twitter “Tyler crazy as hell if you actually go to that shit I’ll personally beat up everyone in the club, also fuck KAT.” It is unclear how serious Herro is about this announcement but after a Stonk Market inquiry email to his agent, his agent stated “Mr. Herro is very serious about the venture and any future business ventures. Herro is looking to use his wealth to innovate on and off the court.”