Rittenhouse Trail

Shortly after the Jury reached a conclusion of Kyle Rittenhouse being found not-guilty of homicide in a Kenosha shooting during Black Lives Matter protests, a mistrial was declared by the county. The reason for a new trial being needed is because shortly after the trial concluded, TMZ released cellphone video of the Judge on the case, Judge Bruce Schroeder, met with Rittenhouse in the bathroom of the courthouse and said “You did a good job kid, your a good kid, I wanted you to have this” than handing him a AR-15 that was wrapped in an American Flag decal with a signature from Judge Schroeder.

Rittenhouse is heard on the video saying “This is the greatest honor of my life, thank you Judge Schroeder, lets get some strippers and blow tonight.”

Following the release of this video, a mistrial was declared and Rittenhouse’s not guilty charges were nulled meaning a new trial will have to start.

One conservative fan of Rittenhouse named, “DominantDaddy” on Twitter tweeted, “Wow, unbelievable they really hate white people in this country. They were just scared Rittenhouse would of killed more black Antifa thugs.”