Morning Brew DDTG

In an effort to capitalize on the popularity of Barstool Dave Portnoy’s Davey Day Trader Global (DDTG), Morning Brew has announced via Twitter that they are cancelling all 173 of their current newsletters and focusing exclusively on a newsletter related to DDTG.

Morning Brew DDTG

Toby Howell, the only person at Morning Brew that seems to be of any value, had this to say, “My title is “writer”, but I’m basically running the show at Morning Brew at this point. Our 173 newsletters are actually just random word generated AI and are a smokescreen for the fact that we are just a Twitter account that I run in between my home school classes.”

Toby continued, “I have 43 Barstool t-shirts, shout out Ball Don’t Lie, and have followed Barstool for ten years since I was in 1st grade. I’m doing this DDTG newsletter so maybe Dave will hire me so I can work at a real media company.”

This announcement from Morning Brew comes on the heels of their Twitter “feud” that was fabricated to generate interest in their newsletters because that’s how companies that have no useful content grow their following these days.

When reached for comment, Portnoy began to speak about his huge brain and its ability to pick stocks that only go up while swinging a green hammer in circles above his head and he subsequently knocked himself unconscious. RIP in peace Mr. Portnoy.