Morning Brew DDTG

NEW YORK – With its easy-to-digest material and witty headlines, Morning Brew has established itself as the favorite newsletter for Millennials. The company boasts an audience of over 2 million engaged subscribers with an open rate exceeding 65%. As an ever-expanding pool of readers created demand for broader coverage, Morning Brew began publishing additional newsletters for other subject matters.

Morning Brew Newsletters

  • Morning Brew – published daily
  • Light Roast – published every Sunday
  • Emerging Tech Brew – published every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Retail Brew – published every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Marketing Brew – published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

While readers must opt in to receiving newsletters, the cult-like following of Morning Brew fanatics has subscribed across the board. This has lead to at least 15 emails delivered per week (16 for Light Roast-eligible subscribers who have referred 3 new readers).

The influx of Morning Brew emails led to stark criticism, and ultimately, the newest innovation from the Brew Crew: a newsletter to keep track of all its newsletters.

“We recognize that our reader base is mainly comprised of pseudointellectual try-hards who want to regurgitate facts from our newsletters in front of their friends to seem smart,” said Austin Rief, Co-founder and COO of Morning Brew. “Since the launch of Marketing Brew earlier this week, we have been bombarded with feedback. A common theme is information overload – we’re putting out so much content that our readers can’t keep the facts straight.”

“We want our readers to know that we hear them and we feel their pain,” Alex Lieberman, Co-founder and CEO, slowly added with his hand over his heart. “That’s why we’re excited to launch Morning Cues, a newsletter that will track all of our newsletters.”

Launching Morning Cues

Launching some time in 3Q 2020, Morning Cues will be published every Sunday. It will summarize takeaways from each of the 16 newsletters published in the preceding 6 days.

“I’m pretty excited about this,” says Morning Brew reader Dani Anders. “This week I read a Morning Brew headline that said a Houston hospital ICU was at 98% capacity. And another headline that said Apple takes a 15-30% commission for App Store sales. Because of how much information I get from Morning Brew, I got these numbers mixed up and launched a petition to dismantle Apple and posted a Facebook status about how proud I was of Houston for taking COVID-19 seriously. Imagine my embarrassment. With a newsletter to track all the newsletters, I’m positive this kind of information overload won’t happen again!”

Lieberman and Rief were quiet about what’s next for Morning Brew, though insiders have revealed that the company plans to launch a fashion newsletter called Morning Drip and a children’s TV show called Brew’s Clues, where toddlers will make stock picks and try to outperform Dave Portnoy’s portfolio. Kinsey Grant, podcast host for Business Casual, is expected to lead these productions. Grant was not immediately available for comment.

by Captain Nasdaq (Twitter: @CaptainNasdaq)