Nancy Pelosi SPAC

With Nancy Pelosi becoming more infuriated with Trump’s skinny stimulus negotiations, Nancy has begun the process to launch a SPAC.  The SPAC’s stated purpose will be acquiring the Federal Reserve.

Rumors are floating around that Nancy was at her wits end.  With no stimulus plan in sight, Nancy had the bright idea to give everyone government money and fund her disastrous policies, a SPAC.

If everything goes as planned the SPAC will be launched a week before the election and subsequently taken public. The SPAC will be listed with ticker symbol FEDS.

Since March, Nancy and her painted on face has been wining and dining top Wall Street suits in an attempt to pump the SPAC to the stratosphere.  Undercover research suggests Pelosi has hired the same advertising and marketing team that pumped and powered up the Mike Bloomberg advertisements during his failed run at Presidency.  This advertising team has been seen dropping “Buy our SPAC” ads on the OnlyFans platform to unsuspecting retail investors.

But the question remains: why take the Fed public?  Darren Williams of Goldman Sachs states, “the overall arching goal of taking the Fed public is to side step Trump and print as much money as Nancy needs with the ‘valuable’ printing press.  If Nancy is successful she will be able to print an endless amount of money without any checks or balances.”

Advice from The Stonk Market: If the Fed goes public via a SPAC, short it for every dime it is worth.  It will be a fantastic short opportunity, that is guaranteed to print more money into your Robinhood account, than it actually does in real life.

In other news, Osama bin Laden took a majority active 12% position in Southwest Airlines.  In the 13D filed, Osama said he is looking to work with management on unlocking the “hidden” value Southwest has.